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The “Innovation Hub”  has been initially developed to support innovation for patients suffering long term heart conditions, but will be expanded to encompass other conditions such as COPD and Diabetes and link with other Health Innovation Hubs in Europe to provide network specifically designed to promote innovation and collaboration for all aspects of "Home Hospitalisation".

Through this Innovation Hub we will reach out to all stakeholders (hospitals, technology partners, government, insurers, patients, etc) and share expertise and lessons learned, making new partnerships, integrating and extending the technology platform and moving forward to high-quality home hospitalisation strategies supported by the most innovative technology.

It is envisaged that the Innovation Hub will provide a rich source of quality content that will be produced by the initial NWE CHANCE projects and be curated and promoted by the Hub management team. The aspiration for the Innovation Hub is that it will become a “Centre of Excellence” for all things associated with "Home Hospitalisation" and will develop over time to become self-sustaining through collaboration with health & care providers, industry partners, insurers, academia and SME’s.

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Sensium – Company overview

Sensium is dedicated to the earliest possible detection of patient deterioration. The Sensium system is a discreet, wireless, wearable, solution for monitoring vital signs. Sophisticated and robust software processes and analyses all patient data and if any deterioration is detected, the supervising clinical team is notified.

Sananet – Company overview

Sananet Care B.V. (Sananet) is a Dutch based specialist in developing eHealth applications and systems in co-creation with care professionals and patients. It has a long-standing, versatile experience and knowledge in facilitating digital care in a range of chronic diseases. The focus is on personalized adaptation of content in line with the medical guidelines and legislation. 

ISALA – Innovating in Healthcare: Hospital Admissions at Home

Today’s hospitals are not yet the hospitals of the future. Emerging societal challenges are demanding a shift towards hospital care at home. Although telemedicine, like telemonitoring and telerehabilitation, has been getting more popular in recent years, hospital admissions at home are still in their infancy.

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