Sensium – Company overview

Sensium is dedicated to the earliest possible detection of patient deterioration. The Sensium system is a discreet, wireless, wearable, solution for monitoring vital signs. Sophisticated and robust software processes and analyses all patient data and if any deterioration is detected, the supervising clinical team is notified.

Sananet – Company overview

Sananet Care B.V. (Sananet) is a Dutch based specialist in developing eHealth applications and systems in co-creation with care professionals and patients. It has a long-standing, versatile experience and knowledge in facilitating digital care in a range of chronic diseases. The focus is on personalized adaptation of content in line with the medical guidelines and legislation. 

ISALA – Innovating in Healthcare: Hospital Admissions at Home

Today’s hospitals are not yet the hospitals of the future. Emerging societal challenges are demanding a shift towards hospital care at home. Although telemedicine, like telemonitoring and telerehabilitation, has been getting more popular in recent years, hospital admissions at home are still in their infancy.