Sananet Care B.V. (Sananet) is a Dutch based specialist in developing eHealth applications and systems in co-creation with care professionals and patients. It has a long-standing, versatile experience and knowledge in facilitating digital care in a range of chronic diseases. The focus is on personalized adaptation of content in line with the medical guidelines and legislation.

Key Information

  • Sananet eCoaches are used in over 30 Hospitals in The Netherlands
  • Guidance with eCoaches reduce the number of hospitalisation (42 - 50%)
  • Guidance with eCoaches reduce the number of outpatient visits (39-44%)
  • Guidance eCoaches provide therapy compliance for patients with chronic conditions (82% patient engagement)

eCoaches for all major conditions

Heart Failure
Medication Monitoring


For 15 years Sananet is actively involved in the creation of patient-centred health models in chronic diseases. Initially was Sananet one of the leading pioneers of telemedicine in the Netherlands. As a start-up, the company has been able to hold its own position in the promising but obstinate practice of developing e-health. After several successful investment rounds, the company has grown into a fully-fledged scale-up with 25 employees by mid-2021.  

Sananet is one of the three industry partners in NWE-Chance. The company delivers mature eHealth solutions. With its full certified (CE, ISO, ICHOM) platform SananetOnline and eCoaches patients can monitor their own health condition. Patients learn more about their disorders and are more involved in the treatment to improve treatment results. Sananet will provide in the NWE-Chance project a customized eCoach for HF patients admitted at home.

SANANET technical innovation

Sananet contributes to the NWE-Chance project by developing and implementing an eCoach for patients and a monitoring portal for care givers.

In all three pilot sites, the NWE Chance eCoach (in short: eCoach) is supporting patients and their care professionals to keep track of the health situation of the ‘at home admitted’ patient. Because of the high frequency of this check on all relevant domains of heart failure, there will always be an accurate insight in changes in a patients’ condition.

Because not all relevant patient characteristics are instantly available at registration, the eCoach collects baseline data necessary for further personalized eCoaching by means of a initialization session. This sessions also informs the patient and his/her informal caregivers on the goal and functionalities of the application.

Shortly after finishing the initialization session, the first daily check session will instruct a patient to measure his/her vital signs, such as weight and blood pressure. Every first session of the day will ask for these measurements. Next to this, the eCoach will ask for changes in the various domains of heart failure twice daily. At first extensively and one domain at the time, after day three the questions are presented more bundled. Deviating vital signs or risks arising from given answers will trigger further investigative questions in order to get a more specific view of the patient’s health situation.

Algorithms within the content create and adjust values and graphs to visualize (changes in) all the domains of heartfailure.

Within NWE-Chance, Sananet will make available its existing eHealth platform and front-end applications and more recent developments of the eCoach for patients with chronic heart failure. 


Over 11 thousand patients (April 2021) have participated in ten thousands counselling sessions by Sananet. Independent scientific studies show that guidance with eCoaches halves the number of hospitalizations (42-50%), fewer outpatient visits (39-44%) and better therapy compliance for patients with chronic conditions (82% patient engagement). Doctors and nurses therefore have more time for people who need their attention the most. In the case of policy scaling-up, these applications can also help to keep healthcare affordable and manageable, also in the longer term. 

Due to its successful approach, some 30 hospitals in the Netherlands are now using Sananet's digital healthcare solutions. Besides optimizing existing applications, its experts work with other partners on projects in the transition process to organize healthcare (system and processes) supported by mobile technolgy in a fundamentally different way. The focus is no longer on the healthcare provider, but on the patient, who receives maximum support. Digital care is no longer on top of existing care but becomes an integral part of the care processes. Sananet’s mission is to make digital care normal health care. 


SANANET INNOVATion partnerships

Besides NWE-Chance, its partnership in Passion-HF, another NWE-Interreg project, is an illustrative example of the pioneering role of Sananet. The addition of artificial intelligence and serious gaming to the eCoach results in the doctor-at-home system DoctorME, which empowers patients to safely take over parts of their doctors' treatment. Based on digitized medical guidelines, they can arrange their own medication. This care transfer is seen as a paradigm shift.

Coaches for all major conditions

When people are confronted with a chronic disease, they have to fit the new situation into their lives. A difficult process both practical and emotional. Sananet focuses on the development of eHealth solutions. With its eCoaches the patient can monitor their own health situation. The patient learns more about his disorders and is more involved in the treatment. Personalized programs from Sananet for PC, tablet or smartphone allow people to easily communicate with their practitioner making the contact with care givers more frequent. At the same time the burden of disease and the impact of the treatment will become lighter.